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Soil Stabilization Injection Solutions:

commercial roads

Residential, Commercial, Roads, & More

Soil stabilization for roads is a process used to improve the engineering properties of the soil and make it suitable for constructing durable and stable roads. Unstable or weak soil can cause roads to experience premature deterioration, rutting, and other issues, leading to increased maintenance costs and safety concerns. Soil stabilization methods aim to strengthen the soil, enhance its load-bearing capacity, and reduce susceptibility to environmental factors such as moisture.

The choice of the appropriate soil stabilization method depends on factors such as soil type, traffic load, climate conditions, and available resources. It’s essential to conduct soil testing and analysis before selecting the most suitable method for a specific road construction project.

increased strength

Increased Strength – Long-Term Support

To increase the strength of soil, particularly for road construction or other engineering purposes, various soil stabilization techniques can be employed. The choice of method depends on the specific soil type, its intended use, and the available resources.

It’s important to note that each soil stabilization method has its advantages and limitations. A thorough understanding of the soil properties and engineering requirements is necessary before selecting the appropriate stabilization technique. Additionally, proper construction and quality control measures must be followed during the implementation of these stabilization methods to ensure the desired strength improvement is achieved.

expansive soil

Reduce Shrink/Swell Of Expansive Soils

Soil stabilization can be an effective approach to reduce the shrink-swell behavior of expansive soils. Expansive soils, also known as shrink-swell soils, are characterized by their ability to significantly change volume with variations in moisture content. When these soils absorb water, they expand, and when they lose water, they shrink. These volume changes can lead to significant damage to structures, including roads, buildings, and other infrastructure.

It is essential to understand that the effectiveness of these stabilization techniques may vary depending on the specific characteristics of the expansive soil and the project’s requirements. Geotechnical investigations and laboratory testing are typically conducted to determine the most suitable soil stabilization method for a given site. Proper design, construction practices, and ongoing monitoring are crucial to ensure the long-term effectiveness of soil stabilization measures in reducing the shrink-swell behavior of expansive soils.

moist soil

Reduce Moisture Susceptibility & Migration

Controlling moisture is critical in preventing soil erosion, preserving soil strength, and maintaining stable ground conditions.

It’s important to note that the choice of methods will depend on the specific site conditions, soil type, climate, and project requirements. Proper planning, design, and implementation of these techniques are essential to effectively reduce soil moisture susceptibility and migration and maintain stable ground conditions.

soil mapping

Soil Exploration & Investigation Sampling

Soil exploration and mapping are crucial processes in geotechnical engineering and environmental studies. They involve the systematic investigation and characterization of soil properties, composition, and behavior at a specific site or within a region. Soil exploration and mapping provide valuable information for various construction projects, land-use planning, agricultural practices, and environmental assessments.


Soil exploration and mapping play a vital role in ensuring the safe and economical design of structures, infrastructure, and land development projects. The gathered information helps engineers and planners make informed decisions and take appropriate measures to address soil-related issues during construction and beyond.

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They make me process so easy! All I need is my Geo technical report and the Dimensions of the structure I am Building. They read the report and make sure the estimate they provide is compliant with the technical engineers requirements.
Professionals from start to finish!! I can’t stress enough how much I recommend you give Texas Soil Stabilization a try!!
Texas Soil Stabilization, under Dan and Hayden's expertise, delivered exceptional soil stabilization for our property. The results are evident, providing a solid foundation for our structures.
Top notch soil stabilization company. They injected our pool and then we hired them again to inject around our home. Cool technology!
10/10 - Fantastic people to work with. Definitely helped our peace of mind with expansive clays in DFW.
We had Chris inject around our home. He was very professional, answered every question and concern we had, and the pricing was super fair. Research the companies you work with before contracting them! We had hired another soil stabilization company prior to Chris and they had made a number of false claims. Everything Chris provided was backed by laboratory testing.
Fast, affordable, and really gave us some peace of mind to stabilize the soil beneath our home.
I am a pool builder and have used Texas Soil Stabilization on various projects throughout DFW that require chemical injection. Chris K is great!
I am a PM for a GC and we have worked with Chris on various soil stabilization injection projects and he and his team are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
10/10 - Great chemical soil stabilization company!


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