How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house?

It varies greatly. We suggest staying away from online website that provides an average cost to paint the exterior of a house because we have found that these are highly inaccurate. Either they provide an wide price range that is not very helpful or a national average cost which does not reflect an average price in your area.

For example, two houses that are identical in size, can have two extremely different costs to paint. House A could have a large amount of peeling paint and could take 2-3 days of prep work prior to painting, while house B could be in pristine condition requiring very little prep work. House A would cost a significant amount more than House B due to the labor required for the project.

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How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

It depends. Do you want the walls painted? Ceilings? Trim? Doors? There are many factors in the scope of work aspect of the cost to paint the interior of a house. Some painting contractors will provide estimates based on the square footage of the house but we have found that can leave you with surprise costs for “unforeseen” circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing accurate estimates so you know exactly what to expect for the cost of your project.

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What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a painting contractor?

We believe the most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing a painting contractor or any contractor for that matter, is reputation.

Does this contractor have good reviews? Online reviews are a good indicator of prior customers experiences good or bad.

Do they stand behind their work? Sometimes in the remodeling industry, projects don’t go as planned. It happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, this industry is riddled with horror stories of projects gone wrong or contractors that have taken their clients money and wont return phone calls. It is extremely important to work with a reputable contractor that you can trust that your hard earned is in good hands and that they will be there during the good or bad.

Are they experienced? Your home is most likely your most valuable asset and something that shouldn’t be trusted with just anyone. The cost can sometimes double or triple to correct work that hasn’t been done correctly the first time.

Overall, it may be easy to just focus on the initial price tag associated with your project and choose a contractor that provides the best price. Although as tempting as this can be, it is extremely important to consider that there can be hidden costs associated with choosing solely based on price, that could amount to much more.

Can I purchase the paint?

At Greater Eastside Painting, we supply all of the paint for our projects. There are several reasons why we do this;
-It allows us to guarantee that the paint being used on your project is in good condition. Since we warranty all of our projects it is important that the paint being used is a quality coating that is in good condition.
-We acquire the estimated amount of paint for your project. Since this is an estimated amount, sometimes we must get more or we end up with extra. It saves you time and money by leaving the acquisition of materials to us.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We are proud to offer a 3 year craftsmanship warranty. For more information on our warranty please refer to the Warranty section on our site menu.

Do you help with color selection?

We understand that selecting paint colors can be one of the hardest parts of the painting process. We are happy to advise when it comes to selecting colors and offer the tools at our disposal. Another helpful tool available to you is to order peel and stick paint color swatches from companies online such as www.samplize.com.

When is exterior painting season?

Our exterior painting season typically starts in April to May and carries through the end of September into early October. We suggest not doing any exterior painting projects outside of this window due to the weather we experience in the pacific northwest. With that being said, we can occasionally accommodate some exterior projects outside of the main season if your timeline requires it. These projects are strictly dependent on weather.

Can I do part of the work to lower the cost of my project?

When it comes to the painting aspect of your project we ask that you leave all parts to us, the professionals. In order to warranty the work that provide, it is vital that we know that all the necessary steps were taken and up to our quality standards.

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They make me process so easy! All I need is my Geo technical report and the Dimensions of the structure I am Building. They read the report and make sure the estimate they provide is compliant with the technical engineers requirements.
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Texas Soil Stabilization, under Dan and Hayden's expertise, delivered exceptional soil stabilization for our property. The results are evident, providing a solid foundation for our structures.
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We had Chris inject around our home. He was very professional, answered every question and concern we had, and the pricing was super fair. Research the companies you work with before contracting them! We had hired another soil stabilization company prior to Chris and they had made a number of false claims. Everything Chris provided was backed by laboratory testing.
Fast, affordable, and really gave us some peace of mind to stabilize the soil beneath our home.
I am a pool builder and have used Texas Soil Stabilization on various projects throughout DFW that require chemical injection. Chris K is great!
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10/10 - Great chemical soil stabilization company!


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